About The Firm

Created by in-house recruiters for in-house recruiters. We are a membership organisation that supports in-house recruiters across the industry. We provide practical, tactical and strategic support through resources, tools and events to connect, support, develop and inspire our members.

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About The Firm Awards

The Firm Awards were established in 2013 to celebrate the very best of in-house recruitment excellence, innovation and best practice. They act as an inspiration to fellow members of The FIRM, setting the standard for in-house recruiters and provide an opportunity for our members to recognise the achievements of their peers in a prestigious and inspiring environment.

"For our members The Firm Awards are a fantastic way to recognise and celebrate the pioneers in our industry. They are also a great way for a recruitment leader to recognise the hard work of their team and look back and celebrate together”

Emma Mirrington, The Firm, Director